Redirecting Domain


I wanted to link my Dreamhost domian for my Tumblr blog which I was able to do. However my original web address started with www. and now when I look it up it takes me back to the old server. To view my Tumlbr site I can only look it up without the www.

Did I redirect it wrong? Do I need to add www. when redirect it? It didn’t seem to be working when I did that.


You need to tell us how you did the redirect, then we can decide if you did it wrong! :wink:

Under Manage Domain, I added a custom DNS record:

Name: (I left this blank)
Type: A
Value: (I entered the IP address I wanted it to redirect to)
Comment: (blank)

It redirected only when I searched, NOT when I searched

So I deleted this custom DNS and redid it last night typing www when it asked for Name: www

Now when I try to search either or, I get an “Oops, this link appears to be broken” message from my browser.

I hope this isn’t too confusing.

Thanks, J