Redirecting Domain


I tried searching for an answer but can’t find one. I know this is probably VERY simple. I want to take my domain (which is hosted with Dreamhost) and simply redirect to a subfolder. For example - automatically goes to



THere are a several approaches you could take, depending upon your wishes and your circumstances:

  1. Use .htaccess rewrite rules (Search the WIki or the web for specifics)

  2. Go “old school” and simple use the meta-refresh tag in index.html in the domain.tld folder (lots of esamples on the web)

  3. Go to the DH Control Panel: Domains->Manage Domains->Select “Edit” under ther “Web Hosting” column-> change the directory used by the domain to domain.tld/subdirectory.

Good Luck!


Thanks Rlparker - #3 was the solution I was looking for, I just couldn’t find it.