Redirecting domain name?


May I request a bit of help regarding URL forwarding ?

I’m currently hosting a website here at Dreamhost that basically goes
I bought a domain name (with no hosting) from a different place, and I would like to use it inplace of while retaining the second half of the URL ( instead of for instance)

(these aren’t the actual URLs, just examples)

My problem is, the only options I get from the new domain name provider is to either have it redirect to the old one which would still show in the adress bar ( remains in the adress bar even if you use to get there), or to have kept on display inplace of the old URL, but it won’t display the second half of the rest of the URL : It would always display regardless of the page being browsed, which is an issue :confused:

Is there any way I can use to replace while retaining the rest of the URL when browsing other pages from the site ?