Redirecting a second domain to a Dreamhost site



Does someone know how do I point a non-Dreamhost-registered domain name to a Dreamhost-based website?

I just checked the registrar’s panel and found that I need to inform the new-site name servers. That, in Dreamhost’s case, would be, X in (1,2,3).

If I just edit these fields on the registrar’s panel, will the redirect work? Such domain name is today pointing to a blog and I remember that they had to fix something out in order to work. Do I have to ask Dreamhost to fix something (eg. allow the redirection) to get the thing done?

Thanks for any help!



More info would help. It sounds like you have: which bounces you over to which is already set up and doing something

And you want: to bounce you over to

Regardless, it sounds like the first thing you need to do is go to the registrar where you created and set its name servers to, etc.

Next step would be go go the panel for Domains -> Manage Domains and proceed from there, depending on what you want your final configuration to be.



That is exactly what I need to do, sdayman…

The problem is that I don’t know where to look at Manage Domains panel…



In the Panel for Domains -> Manage Domains, there’s a text link near the top that says Add New Domain/Sub-Domain. From there, either create a Redirect, a Mirror, or even a Fully Hosted Domain.

Redirect will bounce you to your desired domain. Mirror will display the desired domain, but fully respond to that other domain URL.



Now it worked. I chose Redirect. Thanks!