Redirecting a page so it's eiseir to type

Hello. I’m trying to redirect

but I can’t figure out how to do this? I’ve looked in my control panel but can’t find a redirect option for what I want to do. I found a redirect this domain but that’s not going to do me any good as I want to just redirect the url if that makes any sense.


Are you using a wordpress website?
If you just want to redirect a domain, you can find that under domains tab in your cpanel.
Or if you want to redirect a page and your using wordpress, I think there’s that option when your editing the page.
You can also find a plugin for it.

Actually you want to redirect


You can rewrite a single page by using a .htaccess rewrite:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^listen$ index.php?page_id=18

WordPress can set up pretty URL’s for you 'tho - so that would probably be the best plan of attack in your case.

Info here:

This, this is what I’m talking about. I can see that your site is in Wordpress so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding where to code your page to redirect it in another URL.

If you use Permalinks, you don’t have to redirect anything.

  1. Turn on permalinks
  2. Give the ‘slug’ for page 18 ‘listen’
  3. Both URLs will work (though /listen/ will be the default)

WP’s code handles all the magic :slight_smile:

I’m not a word press guru, how ever I’m well aware of that and I used to have that set up. How ever I have a news letter on dream hosts servers using that domain. and it specifically states when using wordpress and you have your permalinks set to slug it will change something in your url and it will, in fact, brake… This according to the wiki hence why I had to change that. Sure I could have coded something in html outside of wordpress, but at the time I was and still am busy with stuff.

I’m to used to CPannel where I can set up a redirect through a wizard like interface. so no matter how the permalinks are set up I can redirect the page to something easier to type. I’m not good at php so in this case it will not help.


Permalinks are not necessary to serve pages, but I am not aware of anything breaking when they are used.

Could you give more information or a link to the article that discusses what breaks ?

Not as of 2012. Back in the pre WP 3.3 days? Yes, having your permalinks set to /postname/ CAN break a site.

However! We fixed that :slight_smile:

Here is the article that states this. it is in the wordpress wiki.

Here is the quote from the page.

Note for WordPress users: You must find and use the default Wordpress link (permalink) to your return pages. The default URL scheme looks like this, "
" where “87” is the ID to your page or post. This ID is visible in the URL when you edit the page. If you use custom / fancy URLs like this, " ", then your return pages must be created outside of WordPress. Explanation: when the script returns, it appends some data/parameters to the URL, and that screws up WordPress and the pages can’t be found / won’t load. Create the SubscribedURL, UnsubscribedURL, AlreadyOnURL, etc pages outside of WordPress and they’ll load fine.

I can justify this as i have another website and I had to create my html page by hand. so far it works fine.

Hmm. looks like this wiki article I just sited needs editing and updating. I’m not a wiki guru so someone else will have to do it. lol! I don’t want to brake anything.

Looking at the modify date This page was last modified on 16 July 2013, at 18:04. and I never saw an update reflecting this. Interesting.

That article is about DreamHost announcement lists (a type of mailing list) and not about WordPress in and of itself. It only references how to incorporate a link to a WordPress post into an announcement list mailing.

So, if you are trying to add a link to a WordPress page or post into an announcement mailing, then yes, the information on that wiki page is valid.

If you are not working with an announcement list, then you simply want to set up your permalink structure in WordPress. You can edit the link for each post on a post-by-post basis.

In this case I am working with an announcement list. so in this case I have to have the permalink structor to default which I do but typing that address for users is not fun hence the redirect I want to try and accomplish. In CPannel I had a wizard do this for me. Is there no such thing in dream host to redirect a page to an easier to type url?? or should I have done what I did with and created and had my permalink structure remain the way it is with the slug name.

Take care.

You can leave your permalink structure in WordPress the way it is. This really isn’t a WordPress issue, except that you need to know how to figure out what that link is without the permalink, because this is the only kind of link that Announcement lists will understand.

Edit your post in WordPress, and at the top of the screen, just under the post’s title, there is a button marked “Get Shortlink”. Click on that, and it will give you the plain URL without pretty permalinks. Copy that and paste it into your Announcement List. When users click on that link in your Announcement List, it will take them to that post, where WordPress will automatically give it a pretty permalink. Nothing else is necessary on your part.

Actully it’s a page that I have the stuff on, from the subscribe to the thanks to all of that good stuff. I have to enter tha tin to the form on the announcement list config page under the announcement list section in my dream host cp. Will the get short link still work in this case?

Yes, this works for pages as well as posts.

Actually re-reading this thread from the top I wish that Ipstenu-DH woud come back and comment on the instructions in the wiki page. I looked also at page history there and found that section was added July 12 2012 and it seems to me it may be outdated information based on Ipstenu-DH previous post.

I’m honestly not sure. As soon as she said it was for the announcement mailing list, I had to stop and think about WHY would that conflict at all!

That really shouldn’t matter anymore. If I attach parameters to the end of a WP page these days, it just loads per usual. That said, I can see the params NOT getting passed through to the list properly. I haven’t spent as much time as I could with the mailing lists since … well I just use Jetpack to handle emailing like that. I’d have to sit down and bang on it seriously to see if it IS still valid :confused:

I’m still alive but I’m still watching this thread.

Anyway yeah I don’t really want to test in a live environment and don’t have the time to make a test wp environment because of the fact I’m in the middle of prepping for semester tests and a conducting project. I’ll keep an eye on this and see if you can use regular links not odd looking urls so my pages look pretty. No posts on here, this is just my portfolio. Heha.

Keep us posted on weather this can be looked in to so the script dream host uses does not brake when creating pages for announcement lists using the post name and a slug if necessary. I hope I’m making sense here.

Tc all.