Redirected registered name?


Sorry, if it’s a stupid question. I’ve created several websites, but always hosted them through my local ISP.

All I’m trying to do now, is use a specific name for one of my sites. (Currently it’s something not easily rememberable like:
I’ve registered a domain name through dreamhost. (Let’s call it How can I redirect it so that if a user types in, they get redirected to my existing website?


Log in to the DreamHost Control Panel, and select Domains >> Manage Domains. In the Web Hosting column, click [[color=#0000CC]Edit[/color]] next to the domain you wish to redirect. In the Set to Redirected section, fill in the URL of your existing set and then click the Redirect this domain now! button.

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Thanks…I figured it was something simple like that, but in the Manage Domains screen, it shows “No Domains”. I did register one… the registration link is active. Do I need to do something else to have my domain show up in that control panel?


This probably means that you have not yet added the domain to the DreamHost system. In the panel go to Domains -> Manage Domains then click Add new domain / sub-domain, then configure the redirect under the Redirected section.


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When I click “Add New Domain / sub-domain” I get a message saying “You have no plans on this account that allow hosting a domain.” And then it gives me options to add a plan… for a fee…
Again, I don’t want anything hosted, I just registered a name, and am trying to figure out how to use it with my exisiting host.


You are of-course correct. It does not seem possible to redirect a domain to a URL via the panel unless the domain is hosted here at DreamHost.

If you just wished to host the domain elsewhere, you can of-course modify the domains DNS records to point to the other hosts DNS servers (using Domains -> Registrations), but I doubt this will help in your particular case, unless you can convince your ISP to handle requests for your domain and redirect them to your user space.

I suggest you contact DreamHost support (and/or your ISP) and explain the situation, they may be able to provide a work around.


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I know there are some free domain redirection services around (but they might stick your site in a frame with ads). But it’s best to get a real hosting account (if you’re willing to pay for it) so your site could be within the domain without any redirection needed; that’s much more professional looking.

– Dan