Redirected domain with email forwarding

I have two domains hosted on dreamhost - “old domain” and “new domain”. The new domain has full web hosting and email. The old domain is only redirecting to new domain. I can see old domain in my manage mail area in control panel and it seems that I could set up email addresses with it even though there is no web hosting associated with that domain. I would like to set up a couple of forward only email addresses on old domain to email addresses on new domain. It looks like it is possible but I was told by the people on chat support that it is not. What is correct? Do I have to get hosting for old domain?


Yes, this is possible. The type of web hosting you have enabled on a domain is separate from email hosting for the domain; you can even create email addresses on a domain with no web hosting at all (so long as the domain is present on your account).

Great! Thank You!