Redirected domain email

Hi people,

I have a fully hosted domain, which uses Google apps to manage emails. Now I need that another previous domain emails to be sent to this new domain and http traffic to be redirected to the new domain also.

I think I should use a “Redirect domain” on the old domain for web part, but what will happens to emails of the old domain or how should I setup it so emails can be managed using the Gmail setup for the new domain?


Domain redirects only apply to Apache (http). It’s an Apache directive that handles this. I’m not aware of any mechanism here that makes all email to one domain go to corresponding addresses at another domain. You’d have to manually set up a bunch of forwarding addresses.


OK, but then if I setup the “old” domain to be a “Redirect domain” can I still customize DNS to redirect its email management to Google apps, and then add it as “alias” domain there?

Or maybe I must to just add the old domain as “fully hosted domain” and point it to same directory as currently hosted new domain to resolve apache part and setup Google Apps for it as usual?