getting a TLD error when I attempt to redirect

trying to redirect from to

both have content; have used the trailing slash

the error message takes out the trailing slash of the redirect-from URL; it says that “example.comdev5” is incorrect

I’m assuming I can redirect from a subdirectory to a subdirectory within the same URL

What are you using to try to do this redirection?

DH panel: Manage Domains/Add New Domain-Subdomain/Redirect

Use a local .htaccess rewrite rule for redirection within the domain.

The Redirect option in the Manage Domains section of the panel is for redirecting an entire domain to some other destination, not for creating redirects within a domain. (This seems to trip a lot of people up; we should probably make this more clear.) You will need to set your domain back to Fully Hosted, then create a redirect in an .htaccess file on your domain using the Redirect directive, or using mod_rewrite.

thanks all, will chk it out