What would be the best way to make point to ?

Basically so when the url is typed in, it shows what is on


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If you are not familiar with htaccess, remap ought to be enough for you.

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I did that before and i am pretty sure wordpress started erroring. I also tried in .htaccess, but the redirect did not work… it went to… on and on…

Is there a better explanation of the panel’s remap sub-dir function? I am afraid of breaking it again.

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you could just add the following to your .htaccess

Redirect /

this should redirect any traffic to the correct place

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Doing that causes it to error by sending it into a continous redirect. It tries to rederict to /wpress/wpress/wpress/wpress/wpress… and so on until the browser detects and stops it.

Is the only solution to move the whole site to / from of /wpress?

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Well, I think that is certainly the best solution, for several reasons. :wink:

That said, there is another way to have a WordPress installation in a subdirectory reached via “http://yoursite.tld” (proven to work) discussed in this previous forum post. You might want to read through that whole thread to see some stuff that won’t work at all, a way to approach the problem using PHP, and a method that doesn’t work “well” (such as using a meta-refresh tag).

That post discusses, and points you to, the WP Codex article on “Giving WordPress Its Own Directory”, which is the “WordPress” recommended way to leave your blog functioning at it’s present location, but have it reached from http://yourdomain.tld/.

Frankly, I would prefer to just move the installation, but you may feel differently, and this shows you how to do what you are asking about! :wink: