How can I get my site to redirect to a different site not with Dreamhost?
I’d like for a visitor to be redirected to my other site once they visit my dreamhost site.

set up the domain as mirrored. Panel > domains > Manage >add new mimrroed domain.


Thanks Mattail.

It won’t let me do it. It says, “Invalid domain: domain name must contain only letters, numbers, “-”, and “.”.”

My dreamhost site is
When someone goes there, I would like for them to be sent to

Is it b/c of the “/”?

sorry, my fault. I think a redirected domain or cloaked one will work for you.


I got the same message as before.
I have been told that for my other site to fulfill its purpose I should redirect and not cloak, but it doesn’t like the url i enter:

Thanks again.

Ok, I just tested, and I set up a redirect thrugh the Panel. Add a new domain, and just fill in the box for the redirect. Place the name of a domain or sub-domain that has not allready been used elsewhere. In the next box, put in the url of the domain you want to forward to.

For instance I set up my test this way:
Domain to redirect:
Redirect to URL:

Try it like that, and see if it works.


Same thing happened.
I think it won’t let me because I didn’t do it at the beginning when I first registered the domain and got a dreamhost account.
That domain is
I tried just typing in the domain section “” and it said "Can’t add domain: already in our system."
It seems like I would not need to “add” domain but change the settings for one that already exists. Am I trying it in the wrong place?

Thanks again for helping,


If the domain already exists on the Dreamhost system, go to Domains -> Manage, select ‘Edit’ next to the domain you want to redirect, and fill in the target redirect URL in the appropriate place.

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That worked.
Thanks for your help.