Redirect without WWW

Is there a way to use DH redirect panel option with subdomains without www? I made a subdomain and activated a redirect to If I type it times out, but does redirect to
Is there a way through the DH control panel to make redirect to my sub-subdomain without asking my visitors to explicitly use www?

Hi. This could possible be a DNS issue.

nslookup - does it resolve to an IP?
nslookup - does it give out an IP Address?

Hi peleus,
Thanks for the tips.
I did see that the web address resolved to DH ns servers, in fact both the with and without www resolved. The problem solved itself and was apparently a problem with my ISP’s DNS cache that took too long to update. When I VPN’d into a server I have elsewhere, both versions displayed with no problem.
It took >24h though, which is a lot more than I had ever had to wait for a DNS to propagate, but to be fair, it does say that you have to wait up to 48h, but I always assumed this was an exaggeration.
(Mantra #248: DNS is not for the impatient)
Thanks again,