Redirect - can I do this?

Is a reserved subdomain that I cannot redirect?



yes, it is reserved for your email server.

Why do you want to redirect it? If you’d like to use another email server, you should be modifying MX records.

If you have a domain with no DH-mail associated, you can use the “webmail” subdomain.

Well, that’s frustrating.

The reason is that is easier for my client to remember & type than,

I use hosted Exchange for my client’s mail, and I’d like them to be able to enter and be forwarded to the Exchange login page. I don’t control the Exchg server so I can’t use a CNAME, as I understand.

I don’t have any mail hosting set up here (just a Dreamhost parking page), and “webmail” does not appear in the DNS list in DH control panel section "Non-editable DreamHost DNS records ".

MX records are already set correctly, pointing to Exchg server.

I can use, but I’d much prefer “webmail” to “email” as the subdomain. Just being picky, I guess.

Thanks for the info.

Have you been successful in doing this? I’ve tried, and consistently receive an error stating “that name is already in our DNS,” or something like that.

There’s no email set up here (Dreamhost), only domain parking for now. MX is already pointing to the hosted Exchange provider’s servers.


Not specific, but the directions may correlate to what you’re trying to achieve.