Redirect web traffic

I totally have no idea what to do. The company who created our webpage tells me that I need to make a DNS change to redirect all web traffice for our domain to an external IP#. they state that I am to contact our ISP/Domain Registrar to have this done. I show dreamhost is our domain but they say its godaddy. At this point I don’t know who I am to contact nor what to do when I do contact them. Is this something I can do online or do I need to call them.

give use the domain name. There are public databases that will help us tell you what you might want to change where.

That domain is registered with dreamhost and has dreamhost nameservers, so godaddy has nothing to do with it.

It also looks like the domain has a current redirect to which reverses back to, so it appears you already have one DNS record directing web traffic away from dreamhost.

From the Manage Domains page in the dreamhost panel click “DNS” under the domain name. First delete the A-record that is already there for, then using the tool just above that add a new type A record.
I forgot to mention the standard DNS change disclaimer: You will not get instant joy, DNS propagation usually takes 12-24 hours but can take just a few hours or as long as 72 hours.

I forgot to Thank you for replying to my question, so Thanks. I appreciate your help.

The website creator has told me to have it redirected to the IP# which is already set up as you mentioned. So do you think I need to do anything further before I tell the creator that everything is set to transfer?

looks good to me =]

Keep in mind that using that method that if your IP ever changes (rare) it will break your website until that record is manually updated.