Redirect_to problem in Rails

I’ve developed a simple Rails blog application that I’m hosting with Dreamhost. I have a login page which allows the blog administrator, i.e. me, to login and createnew blog posts, etc. At the moment I’m having a problem with the login page which has a form asking for username and password and a subit button.

I think that the problem I am getting is centred around a ‘redirect_to’ call. Basically, when my application acknowledges a successful login a ‘redirect_to’ command redirects the browser to the main blog admin. page. Most of the time this doesn’t happen and instead I am seeing a dialogue box in Firefox stating, “You have chosen to open blog which is a: BIN file”. “blog” is the name of the admin. page I’m trying to access.

I’ve tried accessing the site using MS Explorer which gives a dialogue box which mentions an application/octet-stream.

Does anyone have any ideas? I’m am guessing that there is a problem with my configuration and that the redirect that is sent to the browser is not a valid HTTP response for some reason.

Can no-one help me with this? Dreamhost support was useless on this matter. I’ve tried other Rails forums and have got nothing there either.