Redirect to alternate port?

I want to set up a subdomain that redirects/forwards the user to my home PC (which has a dynamic host) but on an alternate port (my ISP blocks port 80 for code-red type reasons). I was hoping it was as simple as setting the subdomain to redirect to URL

in the DH panels, but that doesn’t seem to work. Has anyone done anything like this? I guess I could point it at a webpage that has a javascript redirect, but that’s not quite as elegant.

Also, is it possible that Dreamhost may offer dynamic DNS services similar to sites like to their customers in the future?

Thanks - Zilch

Ignore that! I’m an idiot and had a typo in the URL I entered. It works fine redirecting to port 81. :slight_smile:

Of course I can’t ftp into my home machine using that subdomain… :frowning:

I’d still be interested in knowing if DH would consider adding some sort of dynamic DNS services to their offering. It would be nice to have my home machine appear as a subdomain of my dreamhost hosted domain.


The easiest way to do this is to sign up for a dynamic DNS service and then point a CNAME to this record from within your domain; ie:
or something like that.

This isn’t a great idea if you want to run a mail or DNS server, but for the most part that’s not a good idea on a dynamic IP anyway.

I don’t think it’s likely that we’ll offer a dynamic DNS service of our own anytime soon.