Redirect to a sub folder


My hosted site is, however my wordpress blog is in the blog subdirectory in the root folder. So the blog site is

The main site has a quickstart.html which basically is provided by dreamhost and has pointers to panel, this forum etc…

How do I redirect all requests for to

I have tried .htaccess, however that goes into some kind of indefinite loop. Please help.

Use the RedirectMatch directive to redirect requests for to

in your htaccess file I’m guessing you put something like

Redirect 301 /

and it crapped out right? I had the same problem when I tested it (but that does work for a sub-domain… just not a sub-directory apparently).

Redirect 301 /index.php

That should work.

Just in case anyone else is having this problem and comes across this thread, I finally got the redirect to work by creating an index.php file for the root directory /home/user/ that contains the following:

<?php header('Location:'); exit; ?>

It’s important nothing comes before these lines; otherwise you’ll get an error.

The 301 redirect is preferable as you keep your search engine rankings. True some people may not care about that… but I personally think its important.

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