Redirect subdomain to external server?

Is it possible to make a subdomain redirect connections to an external server?

I am hoping to make a subdomain which would redirect people to an externally hosted ventrilo server, but allow for a simple ventrilo server address for my users - rather than an IP address.

Any advice on if this is possible, and how might I go about accomplishing it?

Thanks much.


If the system hosting the Ventrilo server has a static IP address then the procedure is rather simple.

Firstly, do not add the sub-domain to the DreamHost hosting system via Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain. If you have already done this, remove the sub-domain and wait for the changes to make their way through the system, this can take a little while.

Now, to ‘re-direct’ the sub-domain to an external IP address you simply need to create an A-Record in the DNS records of the parent domain.

In the Panel go to Domains -> Manage Domains, click the small [DNS] link next to the parent domain and in the section titled ‘Add a DNS record to add the following record;

Name: voice
Type: A

Click the Add Record Now! button and wait for the changes to take affect, once again, these changes may take a little while to make their way through the system.

Good luck.


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Thanks for this explanation. Get confused time and again taking care of this. Removed the fully hosted sub domain now as that was not needed and added another ip behind the sub domain, then added the a record for the DreamCompute ip address and now I need to wait for all to propagate. Getting an NGINX error 404 on and off. Propagation will take some time I guess.