We’d like to figure out how to redirect or remap our subpages. For example, with most websites people can say: “To see videos go to slash videos” and get right to the content without having to find it through the home page.
With the site (appears to be a design issue), if you type in for example, nothing happens because the link is actually That is certainly not something easy to give people.
Some colleagues have asked for our powerpoint presentations and we’d like to post it on the site. We’d like to make a page called Presentations and be able to tell them “go to slash presentations” and get them right to it. It won’t be easy to give out if there are numbers and #s in the address.
How can we do this? For example I heard on kpbs today: Go to slash movies to see more movie reviews. When I type that in it resolves to the real address and shows me movie reviews.
Thank you!


Couple of ways, hardest to easiest:

  1. Rewrite the source to use regular folders for content.

  2. Duplicate content in folders created specifically for colleagues.

  3. Use a 301 redirect in a .htaccess file

Option 3 explained…

in: folder

edit / create: .htaccess

content: redirect 301 /videos/

This directive tells browsers (and bots/spiders) that if anyone types into their browser to redirect them to the linked page instead.

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