Redirect Question - Noob Here


So we have

We installed a ticket system into

Now we want to redirect ONLY to while LEAVING up and running with no problems.

I have already tried to 301 using htaccess and that redirected the site successfully but took down the /support/ ticket access. So I removed that.

Does anyone know how to do what I am asking? And if you could please walk me through it.

What rule did you put in?

it’s a little tricky, since you’re redirecting the ‘root’ page, and I’d probably use this instead:

Make that my index.php page and be done :slight_smile:

Hrm. Maybe a low-tech approach, like putting up a big honkin’ link:

[color=#0000CD]“We’re migrating! If you DON’T need support, CLICK HERE! Otherwise, click HERE for support!”[/color]

Yeah, it’s a 90s approach, but sometimes old-school is best.

With a picture of people trying to play tetris in a truck?