Redirect or park not working


I recently bought my domain name and have tried to park it as well as redirect it to my twitter site. Neither works and I can’t seem to undo it, regardless of what I remove or restore. I feel like I broke it somehow.

I’d like to either have my website redirected to my twitter or parked while I’m building and working on it.

Any suggestions would be very helpful.



Most everyone answering here are customers, as such if your having a problem you might give us the domain name so that we can see what we can look up on the public side.

Remember that if you are making a change to a domain that involves the domains DNS the change will NOT be instant. DNS typically takes 12-24 to propagate, but could actually take up to 72 hours to reach all worldwide DNS servers.


Thanks LakeRat. The domain name is I’m trying to get my domain name to redirect to the twitter ( but it keeps popping up as a twitter error saying “that page doesn’t exist”. However, when you type “” into the browser, it goes straight to the correct twitter site. I feel like a true idiot and haven’t been able to figure this out all week.


Set your redirect to point to the fully qualified twitter URL->!/B12Soccer as it appears in the address bar after loading.