Redirect old website to new DreamHost site

Hello! I have an existing website that I want to redirect to my new site here on DreamHost. I just renewed my domain registration on the old site earlier this year so I don’t plan to transfer the domain to DreamHost at this time.

I guess I need to know if I need anything special done here on DreamHost to make this happen or does it all need to be done through my old webhost.

I am, obviously, a novice when it comes to web hosting so any advice is appreciated.

Do you mean that you just want your domain to point to a website hosted at DreamHost? If that’s the case, you’ll need to point your domain’s nameservers to Dreamhost’s nameservers:, etc.

See this article:

(If your domain registrar isn’t listed there, and you can’t figure it out in their control panel, you may need to contact them for assistance.)

and this one:

Any questions or problems, just ask.