Redirect not working!


Hello all,

I have two URLs being hosted on Dreamhost, and

I no longer want to use the .com site, so I wanted to turn that into an automatic redirect to the .net site. This is what I did:

However, when I go to it still shows the old site, it does not direct to I know it says wait 5 to 10 minutes, but I did this yesterday and it still doesn’t work. Thoughts on how I can fix this?



It looks like the .com site is hosted with, not with DreamHost, so the redirect you’ve configured with us isn’t affecting the site. You’ll need to set the domain to use our nameservers (,, and to give us control over it.


I recommend flipping that over: Why would you want a .net?


I feel like it rolls off the tongue better with an “enn” sound at the end. I know, I’m weird. I actually wouldn’t mind it being .com, it’s just that the first site was a .com and then I built the new site on the .net. Is there a way to get the content of the .net site on to the .com site?
andrewf, how do I go about doing that? I’m sorry, I’m not very savvy with this stuff :-/ I looked in my manage domains section for a while and couldn’t figure it out. Any info would be helpful, thanks!


It looks like the domain is currently registered with GoDaddy, so you should be able to change it through them. Here’s their documentation for that:

The nameservers you’ll want to use are:


Thanks for helping me with this, but the situation seems to be getting weirder!

I called godaddy and they said that they see the url registered with them, but when I log into my account it shows 0 domains listed. I know that I have this domain (I edit it all the time), but it doesn’t seem to be on godaddy, even though they see it. I do remember purchasing the domain through, maybe they have some weird partnership program or something? In any case, there was nothing godaddy could do. I guess this is probably more of a wordpress question, but do you know how to change the nameservers through wordpress?


Sure, here’s the documentation for that: