Redirect non http traffic to another domain


I currently have dynamic dns hosting services with DynDNS. My computer’s IP is updated on their servers via an app on the computer so I can access my computer remotely with an easy to remember domain. I would like to use my personal domain here to access this, but maintain my other hosting services here. I have created a subdomain ( and I would like to redirect traffic to my DynDNS domain ( since the DynDNS account is always up to date with my current IP. In the cPanel on Dreamhost, I can redirect traffic through a subdomain, but it only appears to redirect http traffic. When I try to SSH or VNC, it does’t redirect. I understand there is a way to add or modify a DNS record to do this, but I can’t seem to find it. How would I go about doing this?


First, delete the subdomain ( You don’t need it for this, and it’s just going to get in the way.

Then, click the DNS link for the main domain, and add a new record with:
[] name = “sub” (
] type = “CNAME”
[*] value = “


Thanks for the reply. I went and set that up. I’m assuming it takes some time to become active, especially because I had to remove that sub domain first. I noticed that it lists my CNAME as <-- there is a trailing “.” that I cannot remove. Is this expected?


Right, it may take a bit for the old DNS entry (pointing at our web servers which were hosting the HTTP redirect) to clear out. This may take up to four hours or so.

The trailing period is expected and normal. It indicates that the target is not a relative reference — if it weren’t there, that would mean that it pointed to “”, which is almost certainly not what you would want.