Redirect loop

I am somewhat of a newbie, I can generally figure things out. This time I am stumped.
I found some errors on my site, and decided to redirect to a different site of mine with a landing page describing the temporary situation, while i fix my errors and do general maintenance.
Only now I can not find the site to fix.
So I redirected back to my original WordPress site. Only it has not redirected. Instead I get this message when trying to view the site,

[color=#FFD700] has resulted in too many redirects issue[/color]

I did edit and redirect several times when my orginal site was not redirected to my intended site. Does anyone, please have any idea of what i may of done? and how to fix it? Thank you for your time. I really do appreciate it.

We will need to know how you did the redirect, otherwise we won’t be able to help.