Redirect Loop --> Internal Server Error


Dreamhost had an unexpected maintenance on my VPS the other day. So while the maintenance was going on for a good 24 hours, I decided to move my website to my Shared Server (from one user to another). That clearly failed, since it couldn’t even access my VPS, so I said whatever.

When the maintenance was finally complete, one of my websites came up, but the one I tried to move, despite not moving, decided to not come up for god knows what reason. So I moved it to my Shared Server —> then moved it back to the VPS. No luck.

Then I started getting an infinite loop. So I changed my settings to “leave it alone” in the domain section. Still got it.

After I woke up this morning I had 500 internal server error (again, I had this after my VPS maintenance was complete too.)

I have no idea what to do. I have sent Dreamhost 4 separate inquiries for help over the past 3 days with absolutely no replies. This company used to be so good for helping with their live chat, and now I’m requesting help on a dead forum.

If any user can help, please let me know. My error.log (s) don’t have anything from post-june in them. Only thing I can do is ask the community here.

I’m getting really frustrated with dreamhost and this downtime that stirred from the unplanned maintenance on my VPS. There is absolutely nothing within my knowledge I can do at this point.


Resolved by Support.