Redirect internal url

there is a page on my site with a very long url but want customers to use a shorter url with same domain name that will point them to that page. is this something that can be done through the web panel?

It all depends. The easiest way and most reliable is for you to use an .htaccess file.

in the file you would specify a sort of translation, where you would say something like this:

if the user is visiting:
actually redirect the URL them to:

Of course, /vacation-pictures.html has to be a valid page or else your visitors will get a 404. – BTW are you using WordPress? If so, post back and I’ll give you a super easy way to do it from within WordPress.

Hi It will be a great help if you tell how to do it in Word press. I had been working for last 4 days just for this.Please help me out .
My main concern is I don’t want to show the url links from where I upload music and images(I upload them from my server and not from anywhere else) into my site .So Masking will be best solution , but i dunno how to do it as I am a beginner.

Did you try this plugin called “redirection”? -its good and it might do what you need. If you still need help, find my contact info and send me an email. or post back on here and I will try to help