Redirect error. Need help fast!

I tried customer support and… let’s just say that I’m unimpressed, unsatisfied and angry.

I have a blog at
I want plain old to go to the blog.
I tried to redirect it this morning. It didn’t work. After the change took place, it started redirecting both AND to
I checked, rechecked and rechecked my webpanel “Manage Domains” screen and the redirect info was correct.
I gave up and tried to delete the redirect, but somehow I broke something. I THINK I disconnected my hosting from my domain name.
I THINK I fixed that much (re-establishing my domain name with my host account).
And the redirect box is empty now, so I think I’m okay there.
BUT… I still can’t get to my blog. I still can’t access
It just goes to that ^%&*() blogblogblog url I posted above.
Customer support told me that I can’t forward my domain to a sub-domain. Great. Fine. I relent. But how do I FIX THIS??
From now on I shall call it nightmarehost.

Can someone help me? Please? I’m desperate.

Why is this happening and how do I make it stop? PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! I’m begging you!

This has been in the forum a couple time recently, I just searched for those threads and found this one with an answer:

Thanks LakeRat, I’ll try that.