Redirect domains

I am on the $9.95/mo plan, which comes with a free domain. Now I have another two domains registered. My questions:
a) Do I need to move the additional two new domains from the free parking service to my monthly plan? They are only redirect domains.
b) If I moved the additional domains to my monthly plan, would I be charged extra for the extra (redirect) domains?

Hello Bob,

Thanks heaps for coming to my rescue again.

I was doing just fine until I saw this (while attempting to add the extra domains to the main one):
Please select which plan you would like to add this domain or sub-domain to.

  • My Crazy Domain Insane (Crazy Domain Insane): can add unlimited more parked/mirrored/redirect domains.
  • Parking (Domain Parking): can add unlimited more parked/mirrored/redirect domains.

The two options got me confused: which plan to use? Both are free, move to Insane or use Parking?

Good weekend.


If you look at “Domains” in your web panel, you should have the option to add/transfer a domain.

DH gives you several options (park, redirect, mirror), all of which are free.

It sounds like you registered the address somewhere else, which might change the math on this one (I think DH free parking is for domains registered through them). You should send a question to support for “official” answer on what they’ll let you get away with. They might have some advice on how to transfer EVERYTHING, so you eventually have one-stop shopping here for all your domains and web services.

If you have an account, you can setup free parked / mirrored / redirected domains for any domain (whether or not it was registered through us).

(that’s an “official” answer) :>

Many thanks Bob, Conspicuous and Will for your advice.
According to John from Support, I can use either plan (Parking Plan or Hosting ‘Insane’ Plan). Furthermore, apart from the domain registration fees, there is no extra fee for keeping any number of redirect domains (but additional ‘fully hosted’ domains will incur extra fees under the ‘Insane’ Plan).
Good weekend.