Redirect domains and email



I’ve just setup a new hosting account with a and also a .com domain.

DOMAIN REDIRECTS is the main domain, and we want the .com to redirect to, which we setup in the control panel.

How does dreamhost do this? Do they automatically create a .htaccess file with gives a 403 message and redirect to the main domain? I’ve heard that this is the best way to keep search engines happy, and I just want to make sure dreamhost’s default way of doing this doesn’t jeopardise anything.

With redirects on the domain setup, if I create a mailbox such as, will mail sent to automatically be redirected too?

Is there some way to make this happen… or is the only way to create an alias that forward the main to



403 = Forbidden. The redirects search engines like, and DH uses, would be 301.

You can still get mail at a domain that redirects. If you want it to go to the other domain instead, just edit the forwarding addresses in the mail section. You do one per line (in bulk mode) like this:

Just put the forwarding address, then the receiving address, separated by a space.

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