Redirect Domain


I have my domain registered but no host.
I would like to redirect my domain to my site. How do I do this?


ok go to your dreamhost control panel.

then go here:

Domains > Manage Domains >Add New Domain / Sub-Domain

then scroll down to:
Redirected (A redirect to another site; browser URL changes.)

you put the domain you have and where you want to point it to and thats it.

just make sure the domain is pointing to the dreamhost servers

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also incase you dont have dreamhost hosting you can do it from most domain registrars. i know allow you to forward a domain to any site for free.

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Thank you,
The problem is that I have no hosting with Dreamhosts. I just have my domain registered with them. So, I don’t have that option… Is there any other way? I checked out the DirectNic site but apparently you have to pay. Why wouldn’t dreamhost have this as a free feature?


It says in the wiki ( :
We offer a free “coming soon” page for every domain you register with us, or the option to mirror or redirect your domain to any URL.
which I’d take to mean that you should be able to do this with any domain you have registered with them even without a hosting account. If the panel’s not letting you do it, you’ll probably need to write to support and have them sort it out for you.


with directnic its free but you need to have your domain registered with them.

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I have been using this script for the longest. I cannot really remember where I got it from, but I edited it. Anyways, find a free host and use this script in the tag. It should redirect to your page.

Hope that helps.