Redirect domain to sub dir


Hi there,

I’ve hit a problem that I think is really simple but i could be wrong.

I have my main WP site and then I also have another WP blog in

I’ve purchased and set it up with dreamhost by changing the nameservers.

I then added the domain to my dreamhost account

So far so good.

Now I want to direct traffic from to the relevent sub dir and do it without the user being aware that they are going somewhere else.

Now i’ve read all the cname stuff but i just cant figure out which dns setting i need to edit and for which domain.

could someone help me out please and if I’ve ddone anything wrong upto know let me know…



If you set up as a Fully Hosted domain owned by the same FTP User, you can specify the home directory to be /home/USER/ and it’ll pull from there. The only hitch is that WordPress can’t pretend to be both a subdirectory of colinbamber and the root directory of tothemanorcorn.


I have a similar problem.
I have a domain with host, both at dreamhost, now I just got a domain (also at dreamhost) and I want to direct it to, but I want it to be an independent website, so I don’t want to use the redirect option nor the cloak option

How should it be done?