Redirect directs to nowhere

I have several domains that redirect to one particular domain. Since FEB 28 all those redirects don’t work anymore. One of the redirecting domains I have changed now into a fully hosted domain and put an html page with a redirector script on it. Okay that works, but the other domains that are not fully hosted (but paid and registrated) still do not redirect.

Anyone out there who has the same problem ? Thanks for reading.

Have you contacted Dreamhost tech support? Sounds like a problem at their end. I’ve got a number of redirected domains and subdomains, and they all work fine as far as I can see.

Incidentally, HTML-based redirection is a clumsy way to do it… if you need to do a URL-redirect at the web-file level rather than by server setup at the control panel, a better way is with .htaccess files:

RedirectPermanent / http://yoursite.example/

– Dan