Redirect aliases retain the name?

I wanted to set it up so that if you go to it forwards to (my home server). That I got running all fine. But is there any way to set it up so that the address bar always says the svr2 address? It’s more or less just a visual thing to look like the two servers are closer related then what they really are.

thinking out loud
What if I made an actual domain out of it instead of just an alias, perhaps there is a way in the .htaccess file to say basically that is actually but don’t say that to the browser (ie mask that actual address)

To see what I mean, go to and it will then immediately change the path to What I want to have happen when you type that it always shows that. I could just setup a frame, but the problem there is you can’t see the true path, it would just always say

another think out loud
I know there’s another option to mirror a domain, maybe it’s possible to have it act like it’s mirroring and keep the address.

Todd Eddy

if your home site were listening on port 80, the simplest thing would be to create a CNAME from pointing to

however, i’m not sure if there’s a good way to do what you’re asking, except perhaps using mod_rewrite (in your .htaccess file). This can be a bit tricky, and i’m honestly not sure if it will work, or how to do it.

you could also create the CNAME, and then redirect to (if you don’t have access to the custom DNS panel on your plan, support can add the record for you).

note that it’s generally better to use port numbers > 1024 if you’re using a non-standard port for a service - you might switch it to use port 8888.

If I remember right, can’t the CNAME just redirect to and if you type then in the background it’s going to go to

Todd Eddy


I thought you wanted to just be able to type ‘’ by itself.

[ ps - I’ve added the CNAME for you as per your support request ]

btw, that svr2 address is working great (now that I realized I told you the wrong address to forward it to, d’oh!)

Well, I have another port that’s used for my home automation web page (port 889). So it would mean I would have to something like svr2… go to port 888 and svr3… go to port 889. If I had control of DNS I would probably do something like that. But since I have to send a support request, I would feel a little guilty, and then if I change ports for some reason, then I would have to send another support request, and then if I wanted to get crafty and had something like be one, you get the idea. Just feel a little guilty since some “other” web hosts charge a MONTHLY fee to do stuff like this. And judging by the quick response I got back it takes like no effort on the tech’s side to do it.

So, if I could control it, I would be a little more crafty with it, but for now, this suits me fine.

hmm, I wonder if it would be possible to make this one of the options in the domain manager. Like instead of “redirecting” to another site you could use this “masked redirecting” method. Just an idea…

Todd Eddy

Ask tech support to enable the custom DNS panel for your account, and then you can add the records yourself. This feature is normally enabled on Code Warrior and Strictly Business accounts, but they’ll probably add it for you.

It’s also no sweat for support to add the records - it takes about 2 minutes.