Redirect a subdomain to a website for an easier to type link

Hello to all. I have a question for all you gurus out there. I’m trying to redirect a subdomain to a web link with a long url. I want to do a shortened url but I don’t want to use an external service to do this for me. I used to be able to on another provider cause for example to redirect to http://some.outside.domain/some/long/link/hard/to/type to I know that’s a horrible example but I can’t think this late in my evening. Anyway is there a way to do this in dream host’s panel? I cannot find a way to do this. I don’t know much about doing this by hand or I would. Thanks all and be blessed.

I don’t think dreamhost have this feature but you could tried cloaking eventhough in wiki it said only for domain.
Anyway if you don’t mind to change your ns server you could tried namecheap free dns service, it do have this kind of feature.

hope it help you

I do it with Redirect from the Panel:
Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add Hosting to a sub/domain -> Scroll down to Redirect.
Domain to Redirect: and redirect to http://that.really.long/domain/and/directory