ReDesigning with Muse


I have redesigned my site using Adobe Muse, and I use Dreamweaver to upload via FTP.

My issue is when I put the files up, it shows the files uploaded, but still had my old design showing on the page, so I deleted everything from my remote folder, then re-put the new site. Now I get a 404 error.

In deleting everything, did I royally screw myself, or is there an easy fix? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Jeremy,

Take a look at the following document the Muse team created for uploading your exported Muse site assets via FTP:

Using a third-party FTP client to upload assets of an exported Muse site


Because your old site was still showing after you uploaded your new Muse site, it sounds like you uploaded your exported Muse site files into the wrong folder. You probably just need to move or re-upload your exported site files into the correct public folder.

Hope it helps!

Corey Gutch
Community Manager for Muse (Code Name)
Adobe Systems, Inc.

That is exactly what I did. Once everything was moved to the right location the site worked great. Thanks for your help.