Redesign Needed ... Any Suggestions?

Hi everyone,

I am looking to do a redesign of my off campus student apartments website… Apartment Listings

I have prepared a version of the main index page that I will change, to show all the current universities on the first page…

If anyone has some good suggestions about what basic design things the site needs, I would be very appreciative.

Thanks for your help,


Student Apartments for Rent and Roommates

Make your list of areas at the bottom of the page left-aligned. With that many items, it’s hard to read if centered.

Put a very light background color on your nav items, the page is very very white. Then you may want to put a border around your google ads and make the background color darker so they don’t look like content.

Your header at the top could do with a
in the middle so it fits more gracefully on the page at lower widths.

The bold on your dropdown is sort of hard to read. Increase the font size or drop the bold.

I would make the text in red into 2 boxes side by side with a light background color. There’s not really enough text right there for them to be spread across the page like that.

I hope that helps you!

Angela Gann
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