I’m a DH client and would like to register another domain, but I am seeing that it’s in the REDEMPTIONPERIOD with someone else. What can I do to get this domain? Any thoughts or suggestions?

Mary Lu

The owner could still renew it. It will change to “Pending Delete” for awhile before it’s available.

If it’s important, you’ll want to use a grabbing service like or Some registrars supposedly own/prefer certain services, so I’d check to see who the registrar is.

I believe many prefer, but I think enom has their own (Clubdrop?), as well as Dotster & Godaddy.

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The redemption period is supposed to be only 30 days long. There is a domain name that I’m waiting for as well, however it has now been almost 60 days and the domain name still says REDEMPTION PERIOD.

So how long exactly is a domain name going to stay in its redemption period?


30 days.

After 60 days, a .com can’t be renewed at all, and it will be delete 5 days later.

So, it takes 65 days before the domain is available again for registration.

However, there are sometimes some Bots which register it just seconds after they are available, to resell it.

You can use a backorder service, but my advice is to do it just a few minutes (or at least not more than a few hours) before, to avoid auctions on this domain.

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