Red5 Open Source Flash Server

Just wondering: has the DH team looked at Red5, the open source Flash media server?

I’m sure it would demand some resources so it’s probably not something individual accounts could install, but it looks like it would be a great compliment to the existing media services offered by DH.

That would almost be duplicating their effort.



They also provide Quicktime Streaming.

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Not really a duplication from what I can tell. The Flash Player simply allows you to embed a Flash file within your page and play it progressively for the user. The Flash Media Server (and possibly Red5) is much more robust and allows Flash streaming. I’m looking into hosting my Flash files with another company that offers the Flash Media Server but was fishing to see if DH will offer something similar in the near future.

Hey, DH: am I correct that the Flash Player you offer is not the Media Server? And are you considering offering the server in the future?

I strongly suggest emailing sales for an actual answer from DreamHost. This is a customer-to-customer forums, and as thus, staff very rarely reply to threads here. Not to mention you can request to have such features added via the control panel (in the ‘Suggestions’ section)… though in doing so it still won’t directly answer you question.

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Ah…good point. Thanks, Mousee. I’ll contact Sales.