Recurring error in Wordpress sites




I keep having the same error on my three Wordpress sites. Whenever I click a link in one of them, I get the following error:

Using the FTP to download and examine the functions.php file, I notice that it is always deleted from a random line. (in the above example everything bellow line 54 was deleted).

I have used the backup / restore function to restore the sites, but after a couple of days, the same error happens.

Right now I have rebuilt and, but I have kept unaltered so you can properly research the error.

Please advise on how to proceed, and thanks in advance for your help.


Your site may be hacked. :confused: Our team has your ticket and will investigate. We’ll email you with our findings as soon as information is available. Thanks!


How about installing RKhunter here? I think it also has the capability to detect Rootkits?

Also, I’m not sure where to look but there should be a log somewhere that would tell users in what happened to a PHP file, like who deleted it or something. Double checking your cronjobs might help too.


RKHunter isn’t useful here. It is intended for use by system administrators to search for system-level compromises. It cannot be used by normal users, and, in any case, isn’t capable of checking for this type of PHP exploit.