Recurring billing question

I’m interested in signing up for 1 year but the options force you to select one of the recurring billing options. If I sign up for a year and choose not to renew, do I need to notify them or is there an online option that will immediately allow me to change the recurring billing option?


There is always recurring billing, but you can remove your Credit card for autopay and use another way (or one time CC payment) when you receive your invoice (or before if you want to prepay)

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Remember that you can always change your billing options before the end of the year - to monthly, for instance. If you change to monthly after 97 days you don’t get charged the setup fee.

But a question for the OP. What would you like to change your billing option to?

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Thanks for the replies. I would like to change it to “manual” renewal. Godaddy has this feature and I prefer it over the automatic renewal option.

Then what moua said was perfectly correct for your situation and the best you can do.