Recovering lost WP databases due to Dreamhost suspension


I had 2 WP databases hosted at Dreamhost, and the account was down for 3 months and now I lost 2 databases. One of them was really very important, since there was a writer uploading a digital novel into it and that was the only place where he had his writings since he did not make any backup… It’s really urgent and vital!

Does anyone can help us with this?

Thank you so much,

Your kidding right?

One must assume the “suspension” was because the account was unpaid? Did you think dreamhost would just keep the account archived forever until you paid it again?

I won’t even start on the topic of only copy. The fact is you should have been keeping a “backup” of your website and databases anyway. Dreamhost doesn’t even claim that it makes backups for accounts in good-standing. What if the hardware had failed? What if Dreamhost suddenly ceased to exist? One copy of anything in electronic form is not enough. Multiple copies and multiple locations is the only_way to ensure against loss.

Use this form to contact Dreamhost:

Perhaps they will give you access and your databases are still there.
If your writer was uploading, he/she must have had local copies at one point!

If Google was crawling your site, try looking for a cache of your content pages.

cross your fingers and hope that did the backup that you were supposed to do?

My account only suspended 12/2/2014.

I had NO warning that all my files and WP set up would be purged from my domain.

This is devastating!!!

Geez, why not park for 6 months and charge an added fee for reinstatement??? Or simply add a monthly surcharge/further finance charge to get across point I am late in payments? Holy Schmoly, I am NO felon!!! After paying my full balance due to discover this is just terrible. If I can not get my site back to what is was, Dreamhost will lose me as a customer FOREVER.

I am no deadbeat. I could not pay because a resource handling my website took advantage of my kindness and never made a backup of my site on her local drive. Had many other things transpire against me. Never imagined I would be treated like a renter not paying their rent and having all their stuff destroyed.

Storage memory is keep. Dreamhost has the sophistication and technical know how to better look after customers.

All I am being told now through my basic contact of support is that after 1 month ALL is purged. PERIOD. That is NOT enough time!!! The time after suspension should be longer like 3-6 months. Afterall, many billing providers allow this which the destruction of ones one property!

Can’t someone identify a way to pull a store copy so I don’t have to attempt to recreate?

I’m very sorry, but no one here can fix that for you. I see you have a ticket open, and through that we can reinstate your account, but if we don’t have a backup, we don’t have a backup. We keep them for 60 days because, yes, while disk space is ‘cheap’ when someone hasn’t paid, the contract between us has been terminated. You can look at the notifications that were sent to your account via panel, they date back to October, and I can see that multiple attempts to contact you were made.

I’m sorry someone else took advantage of you. We couldn’t know that either :frowning:

Just as a note, when we did email you the first time, we mentioned this:

NOTE: Accounts overdue for 60 days will be suspended for non-payment.

If your account becomes suspended you will need to pay the FULL balance to have it reactivated.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll maintain backups on disabled or suspended accounts for any length of time. Please take immediate action now to avoid the possibility of permanent data loss.[/quote]

Once the account is suspended, which does NOT happen right away (we give you 2 months from when we start notifying you for non-payment), if you pay right away you get everything pack. So really there are months where we’ve got your data. After that, well… you (in general, not you specifically) didn’t pay and you didn’t talk to us about why you didn’t pay (like ‘someone stole my credit cards, I forgot to update them!’), there wasn’t much left to do.