Recover lost password & username for mysql databas

I need to check my username and password that was used when my database was setup. Is there a way to have it emailed to me?

I know DH will send me my password for the server, but I need the data for the database.

Any help is appreciated.

as far as the mysql user name goes just view panel > goodies > mysql. the user name is listed there. There isn’t a way to get the password.

If you’re not sure what the password is, but want to try a few guesses, you can allways use PhpMyAdmin for that. Just keep submitting the user Name/pass till it lets you in.

Your alternatives are:

  1. deleting the user and making a new one (you can use the same name)
    2)adding an other user to your database. This way your software can still connect to the database as well as you with the new user/pass.


Ty - I understand a server is down and could that be the reason the program I am attempting to upload could not connect to the database? I am wondering if I wait, and try later I may have some luck.


yes, that is a possibility. you can see what server your database is on by going into your panel > status > Mysql usage. The server that is down is Meow.

If you heavn’t made any changes to the program trying to access your database, and it has been able to connect before - and just now all of a sudden it can’t connect it’s most likely an issue with the server.


TY, Again

I found I am on Annie. I was able to enter the panel as you suggested. I then get into PhpMyAdmin using the password and username I have written down. So they are correct.

That leaves me with two options.

  1. Annie is down, but I don;t think so.
  2. I need to check my new programs config file to make ceratin my database info is correct in there.

Thanks again

My database is on the server felix…But my forum board & website I thought was on Annie.

That makes my databse as being on a “remote server”, right?

If so, my programs config file needs that remote servers name to be able to connect, right?

yeah, if you’re able to connect to php my admin then your database is up and running.

Yes you have to use a host name to connect to your database. Most programs have the defult as being ‘localhost’ but you have to give it the host name that you setup with the database.



I appreciate you talking me through this…I did get the thing installed and it is up and running.

You are kind to have stayed with me.


It’s not a problem at all

You’re welcome