Recover Admin Username


Basically, we are a division split off from the parent company a couple of years ago. The parent company still owns the domain ( The original user (the user in our whois lookup) is no longer with the parent company so we can’t login to make any updates.

Who should I contact or what should I search on to resolve? I can’t contact support so I can’t put in a ticket. I did see an email address for when someone is deceased but that isn’t exactly the case here (though just as unreachable, so to speak).



You can contact us with details at:

In all probability, though, you will need to get a hold of the person whose name is on the account.


Thanks for the quick response!

The challenge I have with the support contact link is that I have to be able to login, which is the presenting challenge at the moment. Since I can’t login, no support ticket unless I’m missing something. I do see the ‘email us’ form but I gather that is more for new customers rather than existing customer support questions.

The previous contact from the ‘parent organization’ is not available to us. However, I can get leadership folks from the parent organization to sign off or whatever is needed to move forward.

Again, thank you!


You can use the “Contact us” form I posted a link to for what you’re doing as well. We prefer that customers use the support ticket system in the panel when possible, but it’s perfectly OK to use the form on our main site if you can’t log in.