Record Outgoing Email


I have a business and legal requirement of recording all email, incoming and outgoing, per US Government FINRA regulations. There older discussion threads here where people ask the question of recording outgoing mail, but there isn’t a defined answer if this can be done at Dreamhost without resorting to dedicated server (as of a few years ago). So, I ask again for 2015.

For incoming mail, recording mail is simple: take all email to and save to an extra email file and/or forward to There might be additional better mechanisms.

Outgoing is harder. How do you set up MX or SMTP to auto-forward User1’s email or to put User1’s message into a save file? Is there an outgoing email filter that can accomplish this; I can only do incoming filters in the Control Panel. Do those also work for outgoing SMTP?

We cannot use a Sent mailbox as that can be edited or disabled from an IMAP client. Same with client-side BCC. We need a separate box to which the user has no access.

Thoughts or suggestions?


Unfortunately, this isn’t a feature DreamHost’s email service currently supports. Sorry.


Thanks Andrew. If it comes to Shared Hosting not supporting recording of outgoing email at all, gotcha. But, what about VPS? If I get a VM, can I muck with the SMTP to do this configuration change? Or does this require a full-blown dedicated server? Or is this a “not Dreamhost at all”. Thanks


Mail is hosted on separate mail servers, not on your web server. As such, being on a VPS or dedicated server doesn’t open up any new options for mail hosting - sorry.


You’ll find that most offering Microsoft Exchange can meet your needs. While I’m not a MS fan in general, when it comes to exchange they kinda do own business class email. In place archiving and journaling are what your looking for.


That clarification was great Andrew. I’ll also check out Exchange services as suggested LakeRat. Thank you both.