Record for longest wait for support?

Who has the record for the longest wait for support?

So far I have waited 2 days and 10 hours and still waiting.

This is for a support request for a client logged through the support panel as a “Things are broken and I’d like them not to be” support call, which is second highest priority (just under OMG). I lodged a complaint through a my own panel. The complaint was set to the lowest priority (ie it can wait until you have time to answer) The complaint was answered within half an hour, but the original support call still lingers in the system.

When I first put the request in, there were over 800 support requests in the system, and now there are 599 (and of course more would have been coming in during that time) I have since put in 2 more requests for assistance, which are likewise being ignored. One of them almost qualifies for the "Sorry you’ve been waiting more than 24 hours " email.

This is just a note to let you know that although it’s almost been 24 hours since you sent in your message, we haven’t forgotten about you! (yeah, right!)

We strive to answer all questions within 24 hours, but due to the large number of questions we have right now we’re afraid we may have to go over a bit this time. :frowning: (like nearly 3 days??)

Please hang in there and we’ll be getting back to you as quickly as we possibly can!


I have migrated my own account to a different host where most calls are answered within 15 minutes, almost all within 1/2 hour.

No I don’t like CPanel much, but with Dreamhost there are regular lengthy waits for support, which are then further aggravated by the wooly, off-the-mark responses which show that the staff did not read the email properly. So then I have to respond to that and wait a further 24 hours.

The next person who reads my email does not bother to check earlier emails in the “thread” (there is no thread in practice - each email is given a different number) and so gives yet another out-of-context response, so that at times it has taken over a week and alot of raised blood pressure before the situation is resolved.

BTW I am paying for a Level 3 account which is supposed to have 3 phone calls, but cannot use those as overseas customers are not allowed this. So I am stuck until DH get off their hands and do somehting.

Guess what??

About 2 minutes after I submitted this, I got a response!!

What a wierd coincidence!!

Sounds like you have had a long wait, and I know how frustrating that can be, however:

Not having had your request rise through the queue an be answered in a timely fashion do not necessarily mean that you requests were “being ignored; some things take more 'research” than others, and some may require the attention of a tech with a particular expertise :wink:

That is very different than my experience with Dreamhost support tickets. As long as I respond via email to the initial support response, and it is in relation to the original ticket submitted, Dreamhost techs have had the “thread”, the same “tracking number”, and have read the previous discourse on the incident.

Of course, if/when I submit a “new” support request even if it is in followup to a previous ticket, I have had a “new” tech read/respond without the full history.

I’m glad they finally got back to you! :wink:


Thanks rlparker,

I’ve been with Dreamhost for a couple of years now, and I manage other accounts besides my own, so have a fair bit of experience in dealing with them. I usually do reply via the email rather than the panel - it hasn’t made a difference - still got new number, new person, etc. I even asked them once whether the emails could be threaded, and why they always had a different number and they said that was just how it was done.

If you are getting threaded responses, what level of hosting are you paying for to get that? I have a Code Monster (Level 3) and still get no more support than a Crazy Domain (Level 1). So paying extra hasn’t been the answer.

As for needing research, sure, I make allowance, but nearly 3 days??? and the “particular expertise”? So why do they give such wooly answers at times? The reason why a “thread” is sometimes necessary is because the first response was so off-the-mark, I have to ask again.

They responded to a lowest priority request in half an hour, but the high priority request got left there until I complained on this forum, and only then did I get an answer.

At the new host, they answer 99% of problems within half an hour, and even the ones that do require research are still answered within the same day. I’m comparing apples with apples here - they are both web hosts, both have to answer a barrage of curly questions.

Dreamhost have often said this year that they are swamped. Clearly they have not put on enough staff to handle the increase in customers that they keep advertising for.

No problem, kharisma,

I’m also on a Code Monster (Level 3), so that can’t (shouldn’t) have anything to do with the threaded issue - we are on the same plan. In fact, with the exception of the “Callbacks”, I don’t believe there is any difference in support level between the various Dreamhost Plans. I have no idea why I’m seeing continuity with follow-up contacts and you are not. The only thing I can think of might be the experience of the tech rep that is handling the incident (“old-timers” checking the “history” before responding, and “newbs” either not knowing how, or “hurrying” to keep up with the queue?) I have no knowlege of this, and am just thinking out loud.

I understand you there, on both issues. I’ve been pretty lucky myself. I believe I’ve only received one response that I would qualify as “out there” or truly “off the mark” (and that was within the last year - before that all my responses had been very high quality (and still are, with that single exception). I suspect that growth, and the relatively recent addition of new tech staff has introduced some “gaps” in experience/expertise amongst the support people. I mean, even sharp techs, if new to Dreamhost, will still have a “learning curve” with Dreamhost’s way of doing things. It’s possible that the “learning” process of these techs is what you are experiencing :wink:

I think the fact that they are still advertising for tech support people is a good sign, and I’m also sure that finding top-notch techs is always a challenge for a hosting company.

All that said, I consider myself fortunate that my overall experince with Dreamhost tech support has been very good, and I hope they weather the growth spurts well enough for it to stay that way and continue to improve.



Recently I sent a support request explaining that I have three email accounts that forward to other accounts, in a “chain”. Thus bounced@domain forwards to monitor@domain which forwards to monitor@other-domain which forwards to nothing. Yet personal@other-domain is receiving the forwarded email instead of monitor@other-domain.

When I explained how the emails were linked, and asked them to check their server configuration, I received the response that different@other-domain had been checked and was not receiving the forwarded mail, so everything must be fine.

Huh? is this “inexperience”?

Also, I asked 11 days ago how to create csv files on the Mac that would be in a format that SquirrelMail will accept, since apparently all the editors I have tried so far put some extra character on each line that results in being unable to upload an address list to SquirrelMail.

I provided a complete list of all the editors I had tried. Response? Please tell us which editors you have used.

This was from Brian - “inexperienced” you say??!!

Or just not bothering to read the email! In both instances the information they needed was in the email they responded to.

Also, it is becoming more clear as to why I have to wait for so long to get anything sorted. 

First, every new request sits in the queue for nearly 3 days, no matter what priority level it is given when the request is created, and no matter how few requests were in the system at the time. Even when the queue is down to a little over 300, it is still a 3 day wait for an answer.

In fact there is one *still* waiting after 4 days 4 hours!!

I live in Australia, so we are awake when DH is asleep, which means that by the time we answer a response from Dreamhost, the support person has gone home, so our response is dropped back into the general queue for yet another 3 day wait.

This also means that the support person who originally replied is not necessarily the one who responds to the next email, and may not bother to read the thread.

On a rare occasion when I have been able to respond to a support request during DH working hours, there has been a fairly prompt response to my reply, by the same person who originally answered it.

When I asked about providing live chat for overseas clients, Brian said that this was asking for "bells and whistles". Apparently a three day wait for each response, and an overall two or three week turnaround before an issue is finally resolved is acceptable to DH.

As with all people things, Support varies.

Yesterday I got a response in only 30 or 40 minutes. My problem was corrected as requested. It wasn’t difficult (file owner:group changes), but I sure was pleasantly surprised by the quick response.

You are welcome to a refund.-Michael;Comparing ‘DH of today’ with ‘DH of old’ does not serve much purpose.-Dallas

Sure, but a mostly 3 day wait consistently over a period of a few months sure starts to pall, especially when others are getting a reasonable response time.

You are asking me? Hey, 45 days ago I offered my thoughts in response to your post. In addition to the “experience” of the new support techs, I mentioned “expertise” and the “learning curve” (see the quote you pulled out of my post) as possibly relating to why you got what you felt were “bad” tech support responses. What you just described could very well be related to “experience”, “expertise”, or a “learning curve”. I don’t see how the semantics matter much; you are obviously not happy with the tech support you receive. Your point is noted, but I’m not going to get into a debate with you over whether or not you should or should not be frustrated.

Probably not. While I don’t know (I’m a customer here just like you), I think it much more likely that your request might have been forwarded to “Brian”, by a tech that did not know the answer to your question, and Brian, even realizing that your request was not appropriate for tech support as it relates to your software, not theirs, decided to help and responded. The old saying, “No good deed goes unpuinished” comes to mind here.

That said, I don’t think you would have been any happier with, “You should refer to the Squirrel Mail documentation, and your software documentation, to determine how to create a file suitable for uploading to a Squirrel Mail address book. You may also find the Squirrel Mail community or the Dreamhost Forum helpful,” than you are with the response you received.

I’m sorry you are not gettng the kind of service from support that you require, and it’s certainly possible that being in Australia complicates it…good luck with finding a way to work with that.

It could also be that you just need a different level of support than Dreamhost provides; “one size” does not “fit all”, and some are more “needy” than others. There are hosting companies out there that provide a higher degree of hand-holding, though they charge considerably more money than Dreamhost does. Maybe in your case, the extra money would be well spent.

I don’t think Dreamhost considers “a three day wait for each response, and an overall two or three week turnaround before an issue is finally resolved” acceptable, and I have not experienced that kind of service. No matter what Dreamhost does, there will be those customers that will always require “weeks of turnaround” to get their issue(s) handled, as communications and technical skills vary greatly among users and support staff.

To me, it’s all about the balance between value and cost - YMMV.


Overall, there is good and bad experience to all.

Some I had waited more than 24 hrs and some I got answer in 5 minutes

In general, dreamhost is pretty good with answering, my questions are answer within the first 2 hours time frame, I live in the East of US and dreamhost is on the West I think. So that leave me 3 hours ahead of them.

and for the “useful” of the dreamhost support I give a 7 out of 10. Occasionally I receive “junk” answers but usually you do get very good tech that know what they are doing.

I am only a Dreamhost for 4 months so havn’t really experience it all. but Dreamhost does have the best plans and support compare to 1and1 and godaddy, their waiting time is horrible and usually you get AUTOMATIC reponses in email that give you links to solve your own problem.

On lunarpages they have a slight better support than here, but if you can live with 1/4 the bandwidth and 1/10 of hosting space compare to dreamhost for the same price then they might be for you.

I have been a webmaster for over 6 years and been to many hosting, from free to paid. Overall, i give dreamhost a 4.9 Star out of 5 for their excellent host and support and I really like their GROWTH feature, you gain x amount of bandwith and space each WEEk you host with them! very nice.

Maybe my luck will change. It is just an hour or so shy of 8 days (Yes, that is EIGHT DAYS) I have been waiting. I’ve put in two follow up requests since then also, one two days ago and got an answer today (the reply was about a different request I had made).

EIGHT DAYS and still counting. Where are you DH?

And the really bad thing about this request is that it is about an issue of DH server rejecting incoming email to my mailbox that has been going on sporatically for at least 3 months and the subject of serveral previous support requests that did not solve the problem.

Of course, the response I might get someday will just say that they checked my mailbox and it seems OK, so problem solved. (Not!)

–DH customer for over 1 year.

Yep! you beat me! although I did just have a request that went for 4 days and 22 hours before getting an answer (that still doesn’t help)

May I suggest that you rename that mailbox and create a new mailbox for the email address you are having problems with. Hopefully the new mailbox will behave properly.

eg instead of you call it and create a new

Then once you are satisfied that the new one works properly, you could just delete the old one. Else, if the new one acts up as well, then you have two mailboxes to show them, and they might spot a pattern.