Reconfiguring my CMS to use Child Themes, need guidance

Hi People!
The Goal: I’m attempting to access WordPress files via FileZilla in order to build new skills in creating Child Themes.
When I access my DH space via FZ FTP I don’t see wp-contents file. I suspect this is due to the fact that I did a one-click-install long ago, and that put my wordpress files elsewhere.
I’m thinking that I need to uninstall WP and then reinstall it manually.
Am I on the right track?
If not, could you point me in the right direction.
If so, what is the procedure to do this without losing my current content and getting to my goal of being able to access the WP files and being able to add a Child Theme?

You do not need to uninstall. The One-Click uses wp-content, same as every other WP install.

Where are you looking? If your install is in then the wp-content will be in /home/user/

Hi Ipstneu-DH,
First off, thanks very much for taking the time to reply!
That is exactly where I am in the file structure and it’s baffling me that wp-content is not there. I know it’s installed. I use the WP dashboard. I have several domains but I have made sure I am in the right one. I currently have the Genesis Platform installed with the child theme Prose. I don’t see anything there related to this either. Any suggestions? I’m thinking I’ll have to contact support on this.

All the one click installer does is install the current WP distribution as you would if you did it manually. It cuts out about 5 or 6 manual steps… Other than that…it’s the same thing.

That said to find your files:

Navigate to manage domains in the panel, find the fully hosted domain in question. Note the user name as listed in the web hosting column.

Log into FTP or SFTP using the USER from the step above.

The dreamhost default is to store that domains files in a directory of the same name under that user.