Reconciling the new post from old to dreamhost

I am moving the hosting of one of my client from old to new.It started last week and i restored the DB last sunday but move didn’t happen from old host.She added couple more posts this week while at the old host.My dilemma is :
-How do i reconcile the new posts from this week on old host to dreamhost?Is there a selective copy/import you can do with some of the post to the new host?It has comments and tweets everything.
-Last week DB at old host was 19 mb,by the end of this week it is 20.3 mb.If i ask to restore the most recent backup of 20.3 mb from old host to the existing 18.3 DB at dreamhost,will it overwrite the existing or will it create duplicate posts?i certaintly don’t want duplicate posts…

PLEASE suggest whats the best route. I just need to reconcile couple of new posts happened at the old host to dreamhost.

Often times the database is imported once as you have done to use for site configuration and testing and then is again re-imported at the time of the actual move. Just drop the existing tables and re-import the whole thing, is probably the simplest…

tweets are probably fed through live, so not in the database at all. ‘restoring’ or otherwise moving and copying mysql tables is something i dont know enough detail about to help you with.

thank you LakeRat.I have asked them to drop the old wp tables and reimport the new backup.i concur,this seems like easiest way to deal with the reconciliation.i read somewhere that tweets are set against the permalink structure .my problem,i am not able to reset the perma link same as old one,it gets defaulted to something else,if i try to reset and all my tweet counts are reset to zero.Very upsetting.

which plugin do you use for twitter? looks like there are dozens.

Just FYI, if you do an import via the WP post importer, it will only import posts that are new :slight_smile:

(I use Jetpack for Twitter, since it circumvents the need for me to set up the OAuth for their API)