Recommended for email only?


Hi All

I’m the IT for a small weekly newspaper. Our current host is raising our email hosting to $80/month. This is for fairly limited storage for our 75 users.

I want to find a new host for email only, that will give us more generous storage so we can take advantage of IMAP.

I’m looking at Dreamhost for this (also Google Apps). I’m a little concerned about the need to download a certificate to set up the email client. Also, why is this not necessary on an iPhone? (We have 3 iPhone owners currently.)

Thanks for any feedback and advice.


I don’t know of very many people here who are using Dreamhost purely for email. The vast majority of people are here for the web hosting.

In fact, several people who have hosting accounts here use Google Apps for their email for their domain!

Dreamhost does provide IMAP access. If you do a search here on the forums, you should be able to find a couple of iPhone threads too! Let us know if you can’t find it using search and we’ll dig them up for you.

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I asked my questions after reading the Dreamhost wiki for setting up Mac OSX Mail and iPhone.

Thanks for the advice about searching the forum for iPhone threads.

The Dreamhost email features are very attractive, especially for the price, especially compared to what we have now–no IMAP, limited storage, an old sendmail app that is not compatible with iPhones (the workaround is to forward mail to gmail for the iPhones to check.)

Thanks again


I’d be concerned about using DreamHost for business/mission critical email.

PROS: Cheap price, IMAP, webmail (Squirrel Mail), generous storage for the cheap price.

CONS: Increased downtime compared to others. Never LOST any mail that I’m aware of, but network connectivity/file server issues have had email client access down for hours at a time, every other month or so, which can really bite it when folks are working to deadline…

I think (hope) that some of the stability issues they’ve had over the past year are getting better. I can certainly say that the response time and effectiveness of tech support have improved during the latter part of the year.

But their service level isn’t up to an A-line ISP (but they are a LOT cheaper, so…)


Thanks for that feedback. Reliability is important. Can anybody else offer their experience on the downtime issue?


You are right. It is challenging to maintain reliability in a shared server. I believe DH is doing their best.

I’ll still choose DH for the best hosting company for personal website. If reliability is crucial for the website, I think the website owner should consider dedicated server or local brand server.

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I think cavenewt was looking for anecdotal information on reliability of Dreamhost’s email services, not their hosting services. (but I could be wrong)

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Yes, I use Google Apps myself and it is a great service. And it can do IMAP as well :slight_smile:


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I think if you really only want reliable e-mail hosting you should go for Google Apps. It’s stable, always updated and so far pretty reliable - I’ve never really seen downtime with it. As others have said, DreamHost is fine for private and small business hosting and mail, but for a newspaper I would recommend using G.Apps.


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