Recommendations/Options for Groupware



Good Morning,

I have recently moved our domains to DreamHost when our former hosting service bombed completely after 10 years.

I run a small technology business with one other person and we need a groupware installation that can be accessible from any location. Unfortunately DreamHost does not provide a One-Click groupware solution so I am here looking for information to help make my decision about which package to install.

We need the following:
IMAP email support
Contacts/Address Book
Task lists
Newsletter creation or mailing list capability (not absolutely necessary since our contact base is not large)
Document storage (also not absolutely necessary but I would love to move us away from Dropbox)

A little background - We tried SugarCRM and it was massive over-kill.

Our former hosting company had Egroupware as a Softlicious install and we had just started using it, it seemed to work well enough. Unless there is another that comes more highly recommended I will probably install it here.

Please share your experiences and opinions about installing groupware on DreamHost.

Thank you!